Chapter 8. Introduction

TAUdb (TAU Database), formerly known as PerfDMF (Performance Data Management Framework) is a an API/Toolkit that sits atop a DBMS to manage and analyze performance data. The API is available in its native Java form as well as C.

8.1. Prerequisites

  1. A supported Database Management System (DBMS). TAUdb currently supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, H2, and Derby. For use with the C API, only PostgreSQL is supported (SQLite support is currently being evaluated). Because they are Java only, H2 and Derby can NO be accessed with the C API.

  2. Java 1.5.

  3. If the C API is desired, a working C compiler is required, along with the following libraries: libpq (PostgreSQL libraries), libxml2, libz, libuuid. These libraries are all commonly installed by default on *NIX systems.