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Bari, Md Abdullah Shahneous, et al. "ARCS: Adaptive Runtime Configuration Selection for Power-Constrained OpenMP Applications." Cluster Computing (CLUSTER), 2016 IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, 2016.


Power is the most critical resource for the exascale high performance computing. In the future, system administrators might have to pay attention to the power consumption of the machine under different work loads. Hence, each application may have to run with an allocated power budget. Thus, achieving the best performance on future machines requires optimal performance subject to a power constraint. This additional performance requirement should not be the responsibility of HPC (High Performance Computing) application developers. Optimizing the performance for a given power budget should be the responsibility of high-performance system software stack. Modern machines allow power capping of CPU and memory to implement power budgeting strategy. Finding the best runtime environment for a node at a given power level is important to get the best performance. This paper presents ARCS (Adaptive Runtime Configuration Selection) framework that automatically selects the best runtime configuration for each OpenMP parallel region at a given power level. The framework uses OMPT (OpenMP Tools) API, APEX (Autonomic Performance Environment for eXascale), and Active Harmony frameworks to explore configuration search space and selects the best number of threads, scheduling policy, and chunk size for a given power level at run-time. We test ARCS using the NAS Parallel Benchmark, and proxy application LULESH with Intel Sandybridge, and IBM Power multi-core architectures. We show that for a given power level, efficient OpenMP runtime parameter selection can improve the execution time and energy consumption of an application up to 40% and 42% respectively


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