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L. Li, A. Malony, "Model-Based Performance Diagnosis of Master-Worker Parallel Computations," Euro-Par 2006 Parallel Processing Conference September 2006 (LNCS 4128). Pages 35-46.

Keywords: Performance diagnosis, parallel models, master-worker, measurement, analysis.

Parallel performance tuning naturally involves a diagnosis process to locate and explain sources of program inefficiency. Proposed is an approach that exploits parallel computation patterns (models) for diagnosis discovery. Knowledge of performance problems and inference rules for hypothesis search are engineered from model semantics and analysis expertise. In this manner, the performance diagnosis process can be automated as well as adapted for parallel model variations. We demonstrate the implementation of model-based performance diagnosis on the classic Master-Worker pattern. Our results suggest that pattern- based performance knowledge can provide effective guidance for locating and explaining performance bugs at a high level of program abstraction.


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