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A. D. Malony, D. A. Reed, J. W. Arendt, R. A. Aydt, D. Grabas, and B. K. Totty, "An Integrated Performance Data Collection Analysis, and Visualization System," Proc. Fourth Conferenceon Hypercube Concurrent Computers and Applications, Mar. 1989. Also appears as Technical Report UIUCDCS-R-89-1504, Center for Supercomputing Research and Development, U. of Ill., March 1989.

Keywords: Intel iPSC/2, Performance Analysis

The lack of tools to observe the operation and performance of message-based parallel architectures limits the user's ability to e ectively optimize application and system performance. Performance data collection, analysis, and visualization tools are needed to manage the complexity and quantity of performance data. Furthermore, these tools must be integrated with the machine hardware, the system software, and the applications support software if they are to nd pervasive use in program development and experimentation. In this paper, we describe an integrated performance environment being developed for the Intel iPSC/2 hypercube. The data collection components of the environment include software event tracing at the operating system and program levels plus a hardware-based performance monitoring system used to unobtrusively capture software events. A visualization system, based on the X window system, permits the performance analyst to browse and explore interesting data components by dynamically interconnecting new performance displays and data analysis tools.


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