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Daniel A. Ellsworth, Allen D. Malony, Barry Rountree, Martin Schulz: POW: System-wide Dynamic Reallocation of Limited Power in HPC. HPDC 2015: 145- 148

Keywords: RAPL; hardware over-provisioning; HPC; power bound

Current trends for high-performance computing systems are leading us towards hardware over-provisioning where it is no longer possible to run each component at peak power without exceeding a system or facility wide power bound. In such scenarios, the power consumed by individual components must be artificially limited to guarantee system operation under a given power bound. In this paper, we present the design of a power scheduler capable of enforcing such a bound using dynamic system-wide power reallocation in an application-agnostic manner. Our scheduler achievies better job runtimes than a na¨ıve power scheduling approach without requiring a priori knowledge of application power behavior.


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