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Adnan Salman, Sergei Turovets, Allen Malony, Jeff Eriksen, and Don Tucker, "Computational Modeling of Human Head Conductivity." Presented at International Conference on Computational Science.

Keywords: Computational Modeling, alternating direction implicit, algorithm, ADI, OpenMP

The computational environment for estimation of unknown regional electrical conductivities of the human head, based on realistic geometry from seg- mented MRI up to 256 resolution, is described. A finite difference alternating di- rection implicit (ADI) algorithm, parallelized using OpenMP, is used to solve the forward problem describing the electrical field distribution throughout the head given known electrical sources. A simplex search in the multi-dimensional para- meter space of tissue conductivities is conducted in parallel using a distributed system of heterogeneous computational resources. The theoretical and computa- tional formulation of the problem is presented. Results from test studies are pro- vided, comparing retrieved conductivities to known solutions from simulation. Performance statistics are also given showing both the scaling of the forward problem and the performance dynamics of the distributed search.


Created: Tue Dec 6 17:49:53 2005

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