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Adnan Salman, Allen D. Malony, Matthew J. Sottile: An Open Domain-Extensible Environment for Simulation-Based Scientific Investigation (ODESSI). ICCS (1) 2009: 23-32


In scientific domains where discovery is driven by simulation modeling there are found common methodologies and procedures applied for scientific investigation. ODESSI (Open Domain-extensible Environment for Simulationbased Scientific Investigation) is an environment to facilitate the representation and automatic conduction of scientific studies by capturing common methods for experimentation, analysis, and evaluation used in simulation science. Specific methods ODESSI will support include parameter studies, optimization, uncertainty quantification, and sensitivity analysis. By making these methods accessible in a programmable framework, ODESSI can be used to capture and run domain-specific investigations. ODESSI is demonstrated for a problem in the neuroscience domain involving computational modeling of human head electromagnetics for conductivity analysis and source localization.


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