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Vasily Volkov, Aleksei Zherdetsky, Sergei Turovets, Allen D. Malony: A 3D Vector-Additive Iterative Solver for the Anisotropic Inhomogeneous Poisson Equation in the Forward EEG problem. ICCS (1) 2009: 511-520


We describe a novel 3D finite difference method for solving the anisotropic inhomogeneous Poisson equation based on a multi-component additive implicit method with a 13-point stencil. The serial performance is found to be comparable to the most efficient solvers from the family of preconditioned conjugate gradient (PCG) algorithms. The proposed multi-component additive algorithm is unconditionally stable in 3D and amenable for transparent domain decomposition parallelization up to one eighth of the total grid points in the initial computational domain. Some validation and numerical examples are given.


Created: Wed Feb 22 11:13:51 2017

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