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Celio Estevan Moron, Antonio Ideguchi, Marcio Merino Fernandes, Allen D. Malony: From MultiTask to MultiCore: Design and Implementation Using an RTOS. ISPDC 2014: 111-118


Practice has shown that programming a new multicore system is a greater challenge than previously thought. The challenge is to produce the resulting system in a way, which is as easy as sequential programming. This new trend has changed the way we think about the whole development process. The aim of this work is to show that it is possible to develop a multicore embedded system application using existing tools, while at the same time, obtaining reuse. This process is carried out in a cyclic and increasing manner, generating a more refined version of the application at each iteration. The development process consists of five phases: Multitask Modelling, Code Generation, Test/Debugging, Mapping Tasks to Cores and Tuning the Application. The three initial ones are carried out using the VisualRTXC tool, whereas the last two use the performance tool TAU. Using a small application, a Case Study shows how the proposed development process works and the steps involved in the implementation of an embedded system.


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