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Alois Ferscha and Allen D. Malony, "Performance-Oriented Development of Irregular, Unstructured and Unbalanced Parallel Applications in the N-MAP Environment, " Proc. 8th GI/ITG Conference on Measuring, Modeling and Evaluating Computing and Communication Systems, MMB '95, LNCS 977, Springer, Berlin, pp. 340-356, 1995.

Keywords: Performance Prediction, Parallel Programming, Task Level Parallelism, Irregular Problems, Parallel Simulation, Time Warp, CM-5, Cluster Computing, N-MAP

Performance prediction methods and tools based on analytical models often fail in forecasting the performance of real systems due to inappropriateness of model assumptions, irregularities in the problem structure that cannot be described within the modeling formalism, unstructured execution behavior that leads to unforeseen system states, etc. Prediction accuracy and tractability is acceptable for systems with deterministic operational characteristics, for static, regularly structured problems, and non-changing environments.


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