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S. Shende, A. Malony, A. Morris, "Workload Characterization using the TAU Performance System," in Proc. of PARA 2006 Conference, Springer, LNCS, 2006.

Keywords: Performance mapping, measurement, instrumentation, performance evaluation, workload characterization

Workload characterization is an important technique that helps us understand the performance of parallel applications and the de-mands they place on the system. Each application run is profiled using instrumentation at the MPI library level. Characterizing the performance of the MPI library based on the sizes of messages helps us understand how the performance of an application is affected based on messages of different sizes. Partitioning of the time spent in MPI routines based on the type of MPI operation and the message size involved requires a two level mapping of performance data. This paper describes how performance mapping is implemented in the TAU performance system to support workload characterization.


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