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Allen D. Malony, Shangkar Mayanglambam, Laurent Morin, Matthew J. Sottile, Stéphane Bihan, Sameer Shende, François Bodin: Performance Tool Integration in a GPU Programming Environment: Experiences with TAU and HMPP. PARCO 2009: 685-692


Application development environments offering high-level programming support for accelerators will need to integrate instrumentation and measurement capabilities to enable full, consistent performance views for analysis and tuning. We describe early experiences with the integration of a parallel performance system (TAU) and accelerator performance tool (TAUcuda) with the HMPP Workbench for programming GPU accelerators using CUDA. A description of the design approach is given, and two case studies are reported to demonstrate our development prototype. A new version of the technology is now being created based on the lessons learned from the research work.


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