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S. Shende, A. D. Malony, W. Spear, and K. Schuchardt, "Characterizing I/O Performance Using the TAU Performance System." Presented at ICPP Parco 2011 conference Exascale Mini-symposium.

Keywords: POSIX I/O, MPI-IO, TAU, Instrumentation, GCRM

TAU is an integrated toolkit for performance instrumentation, measurement, and analysis. It provides a flexible, portable, and scalable set of technologies for performance evaluation on extreme-scale HPC systems. This paper describes alternatives for I/O instrumentation provided by TAU and the design and implementation of a new tool, tau_gen_wrapper, to wrap external libraries. It describes three instrumentation techniques - preprocessor based substitution, linker based instrumentation, and library preloading based replacement of routines. It demonstrates this wrapping technology in the context of intercepting the POSIX I/O library and its application to profiling I/O calls for the Global Cloud Resolution Model (GCRM) application on the Cray XE6 system. This scheme allows TAU to track I/O using linker level instrumentation for statically linked executables and attribute the I/O to specific code regions. It also addresses issues encountered in collecting the performance data from large core counts and representing this data to correctly identify sources of poor I/O performance.


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