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W. Spear, A. D. Malony, C. W. Lee, S. Biersdorff, S. Shende. "An Approach to Creating Performance Visualizations in a Parallel Profile Analysis Tool." Presented at the Workshop on Productivity and Performance (PROPER 2011), August 2011.

Keywords: TAU, ParaProf, Topology, Performance visualization

With increases in the scale of parallelism the dimensionality and complexity of parallel performance measurements has placed greater challenges on analysis tools. Performance visualization can assist in understanding performance properties and relationships. However, the creation of new visualizations in practice is not supported by existing parallel profiling tools. Users must work with presentation types provided by a tool and have limited means to change its design. Here we present an approach for creating new performance visualizations within an existing parallel profile analysis tool. The approach separates visual layout design from the underlying performance data model, making custom visualizations such as performance over system topologies straightforward to implement and adjust for various use cases.


Created: Thu Aug 18 17:26:19 2011

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