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Sanjay Sharma, Allen D. Malony, Michael W. Berry, Priyamvada Sinvhal- Sharma, "Run-time monitoring of concurrent programs on the Cedar multiprocessor ," Proc. 1990 conference on Supercomputing, pp. 784-793, 1990

Keywords: Cedar, Tracing, processor architectures

The ability to understand the behavior of concurrent programs depends greatly on the facilities available to monitor execution and present the results to the user. Beyond the basic profiling tools that collect data for post-mortem viewing, explorative use of multiprocessor computer systems demands a dynamic monitoring environment capable of providing run-time access to program performance. A prototype of such an environment has been built for the Cedar multiprocessor. This paper describes the design of the infrastructure enabling run-time monitoring of parallel Cedar applications and the communication of execution data among physically distributed machines. An application for matrix visualization is used to highlight important aspects of the system.


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