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Linford, J. C., Khuvis, S., Shende, S., Malony, A., Imam, N., & Venkata, M. G. (2016, August). Profiling Production OpenSHMEM Applications. In Workshop on OpenSHMEM and Related Technologies (pp. 219-224). Springer International Publishing.


Developing high performance OpenSHMEM applications routinely involves gaining a deeper understanding of software execution, yet there are numerous hurdles to gathering performance metrics in a production environment. Most OpenSHMEM performance profilers rely on the PSHMEM interface but PSHMEM is an optional and often unavailable feature. We present a tool that generates direct measurement performance profiles of OpenSHMEM applications even when PSHMEM is unavailable. The tool operates on dynamically linked and statically linked application binaries, does not require debugging symbols, and functions regardless of compiler optimization level. Integrated in the TAU Performance System, the tool uses automatically-generated wrapper libraries that intercept OpenSHMEM API calls to gather performance metrics with minimal overhead. Dynamically linked applications may use the tool without modifying the application binary in any way.


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