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Daniel A. Reed, Allen D. Malony, Bradley D. McCredie, "Parallel Discrete Event Simulation: a Shared Memory Approach," Proc. 1987 ACM SIGMETRICS conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems, 15(1), pp. 36- 38, 1987.

Keywords: discrete event simulation

The inherently sequential nature of event list manipulation limits the potential parallelism of standard simulation models. Although techniques for performing event list manipulation and event simulation in parallel have been suggested, large scale performance increases seem unlikely. Only by eliminating the event list, in its traditional form, can additional parallelism be obtained; this is the goal of distributed simulation. Several distributed simulation techniques have been proposed. In the remainder of this abstract, we present the Chandy-Misra distributed simulation algorithm and the results of an extensive study of its performance on a shared memory parallel processor when simulating queueing network models.


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