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K. Lindlan, A. Malony, J. Cuny, S. Shende, and P. Beckman, An IL Converter and Program Database for Analysis Tools, Proceedings of ACM SIGMETRICS Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Tools (SPDT '98), August 1998, pp. 153.

Keywords: IL Analyzer, PDT, static analysis

Developers of static and dynamic analysis tools for C++ programs need access to information on functions, classes, templates, and macros in parsed C++ code. Existing tools, such as the EDG display tool, provide that access, but in an unsuitable format. We built a converter that prunes and reorganizes the information into the appropriate format. The converter provides the information needed for our TAU (Tuning and Analysis Utilities) tools and, in more general terms, provides C++ developers considerable opportunities for automating software development.


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