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Nicholas Dale Trebon, "Performance Measurement and Modeling of Component Applications in a High Performance Computing Environment," M.S. Thesis, University of Oregon, June 2005

Keywords: Performance measurement, modeling, component software, parallel computing, CCA, TAU

A parallel component environment places constraints on performance measurement and modeling. For instance, it must be possible to observe component operation without access to the source code. Furthermore, applications that are composed dynamically at run time require reusable performance interfaces for component interface monitoring. This thesis describes a non-intrusive, coarse-grained performance measurement framework that allows the user to gather performance data through the use of proxies that conform to these constraints. From this data, performance models for an individual component can be generated, and a performance model for the entire application can be synthesized. A validation framework is described, in which simple components with known performance models are used to validate the measurement and modeling methodologies included in the framework. Finally, a case study involving the measurement and modeling of a real scientific simulation code is also presented.


Created: Mon Jun 20 11:41:13 2005

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