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Bari, Md Abdullah Shahneous, et al. "ARCS: Adaptive Runtime Configuration Selection for Power-Constrained OpenMP Applications." Cluster Computing (CLUSTER), 2016 IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, 2016.

Besnard, J. B., Adam, J., Shende, S., PĂ©rache, M., Carribault, P., & Jaeger, J. (2016, September). Introducing Task-Containers as an Alternative to Runtime-Stacking. In Proceedings of the 23rd European MPI Users' Group Meeting (pp. 51-63). ACM.

Nicholas Chaimov, Allen D. Malony, Shane Canon, Costin Iancu, Khaled Z. Ibrahim, Jay Srinivasan: Scaling Spark on HPC Systems. HPDC 2016: 97-110

Zhang, X., Abbasi, H., Huck, K., & Malony, A. D. (2016). Wowmon: A machine learning- based profiler for self-adaptive instrumentation of scientific workflows. Procedia Computer Science, 80, 1507-1518.

Ozog, D., Kamil, A., Zheng, Y., Hargrove, P., Hammond, J. R., Malony, A., ... & Yelick, K. (2016, May). A hartree-fock application using upc++ and the new darray library. In Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, 2016 IEEE International (pp. 453-462). IEEE.
Keywords: -Hartree-Fock, self-consistent field (SCF), quantum chemistry, PGAS, UPC/UPC++, Global Arrays, performance analysis, load balancing, work stealing, attentiveness

Patricia Grubel, Hartmut Kaiser, Kevin A. Huck, Jeanine Cook: Using Intrinsic Performance Counters to Assess Efficiency in Task-Based Parallel Applications. IPDPS Workshops 2016: 1692-1701
Keywords: runtime instrumentation, performance counters; execution monitoring; HPX; task-based parallelism; many asynchronous tasks

Ozog, D., Malony, A. D., & Siegel, A. R. (2015, May). A Performance Analysis of SIMD Algorithms for Monte Carlo Simulations of Nuclear Reactor Cores. In Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS), 2015 IEEE International (pp. 733- 742). IEEE.
Keywords: Monte Carlo, neutron transport, reactor simulation, performance, SIMD, Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor, MIC

Ellsworth, D., Patki, T., Perarnau, S., Seo, S., Amer, A., Zounmevo, J., ... & Schulz, M. (2016, May). Systemwide Power Management with Argo. In Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops, 2016 IEEE International (pp. 1118- 1121). IEEE.

Chaimov, N., Malony, A., Iancu, C., & Ibrahim, K. (2016, June). Scaling Spark on Lustre. In International Conference on High Performance Computing (pp. 649-659). Springer International Publishing.

Ozog, D., Malony, A. D., & Guenza, M. (2016, February). The UA? CG Workflow: High Performance Molecular Dynamics of Coarse-Grained Polymers. In Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing (PDP), 2016 24th Euromicro International Conference on (pp. 272-279). IEEE.
Keywords: -atomistic simulation, coarse-graining, scientific workflows, polymeric liquids, LAMMPS

Daniel A. Ellsworth, Tapasya Patki, Martin Schulz, Barry Rountree, Allen D. Malony: A Unified Platform for Exploring Power Management Strategies. E2SC@SC 2016: 24- 30

J. Linford, S. Vadlamani, S. Shende, A. D. Malony, W. Jones, W. K. Anderson, E. Nielsen, "Performance Engineering FUN3D at Scale with TAU Commander", Poster, SC'16 Conference, 2016.
Keywords: TAU Commander, TAU, FUN3D, Performance Engineering, NASA

Linford, J. C., Khuvis, S., Shende, S., Malony, A., Imam, N., & Venkata, M. G. (2016, August). Profiling Production OpenSHMEM Applications. In Workshop on OpenSHMEM and Related Technologies (pp. 219-224). Springer International Publishing.

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