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2005 Graduate Research Poster Contest

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In 2005, the CIS department sponsored a graduate research poster contest. Graduate students were invited to submit posters describing their individual or group research conducted in the CIS department. A faculty committee selected the winners and awarded prizes.

The main prizes were awarded by a jury of three faculty judges. The people's choice award was decided by popular vote from the students and staff in the department. Judging Criteria included research content and poster design. All posters are on display in the department hallways. The winning groups are shown below.
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First Place and People's Choice Award:
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On the Design and Analysis of Characteristics-Based Worm Detection Heuristics
Authors: Shad Stafford, Zhen Wu, Paul Knickerbocker, Toby Ehrenkranz
Research Advisor: Jun Li
Research Group: NetSec Lab, Network Research Group
Second Place:
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Support for Model Coupling: An Interface-based Approach
Authors: Tom Bulatewicz, Janice Cuny
Advisor: Jan Cuny
Research Group: Computational Science Group
References: Bulatewicz, T., J. Cuny, M. Warman. The potential coupling interface: metadata for model coupling. Proceedings of the 2004 Winter Simulation Conference. Washington D.C.
Third Place (tied) and People's Choice Honarable Mention:
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Evolve in Heterogeneous Environments with Rich Components
Authors: Zebin Chen, Andrew Fortier, Craig Pataky, Xiangkui Yao, Terrence Waggoner, Amanda Hosler
Advisor: Stephen Fickas
Research Group: Wearable Computing Lab
References: Alistair Sutcliffe, Stephen Fickas, McKay Moore Sohlberg, Personal and Contextual Requirements Engineering
Stephen Fickas, Clinical Requirements Engineering, 27th International Conference on Software Engineering, St. Louis, May 2005
Third Place (tied):
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An Internet Routing Forensics Framework for Discovering Rules of Abnormal BGP Events
Author(s): Shiwoong Kim, Zhen Wu, Vikash Agrawal
Research Advisor(s): Jun Li and Dejing Dou
Research Group: Network Security Group, Data Integration and Data Mining Group
Runners Up:
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PRIME: Peer to Peer Receiver-Driven Mesh-based Streaming
Authors: Nazanin Magharei, Amir H. Rasti, Daniel Stutzbach
Advisor: Reza Rejaie
Research Group: Network Research Group
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Ontology-based Integration for Relational Databases
Authors: Paea LePendu, Dejing Dou
Advisor: Dejing Dou
Research Group: Data Integration and Data Mining Group
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Scalable Peer-to-Peer Event Ordering
Author: Chris GauthierDickey
Advisor: Virginia Lo
Research Group: Network Research Group
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WaveGrid: A Self-organized Desktop Grid System for Fast Turnaround
Authors: Dayi Zhou
Advisor: Ginnie Lo
Research Group: Cluster Computing on the Fly, Network Research Group
References: Dayi Zhou and Virginia Lo, Wave Scheduling: Scheduling for Faster Turnaround Time in Peer-to-peer Cycle Sharing Systems, in Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing 2005 (JSSPP'05).
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How prevalent is prefix hijacking on the internet?
Authors: Peter Boothe, James Hiebert
Research Advisor: Randy Bush, Beyond BGP Project at the UO Computing Center.
Research Group: Network Research Group
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