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2014 Graduate Research Poster Contest

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The main prizes were awarded by a jury of faculty judges. The people's choice award was decided by popular vote from the students in the department. Judging Criteria included research content and poster design. The winning groups are shown below.

Click the title to see a pdf of the poster.

Towards a Usable Provenance Reference Monitor
  • Adam Bates, Kevin Butler
ID-SPN: A New SPN Learner
  • Pedram Rooshenas, Daniel Lowd
Using Model Tracing and Evolutionary Algorithms to Determine Parameter Settings for Cognitive Models from Time Series Data such as Visual Scanpaths
  • Yunfeng Zhang, Anthony J. Hornof
High-Fidelity Secure Network Provenance
  • Tyler Nichols, Adam Bates, Dave Tian, Kevin Butler
  • Tyler Nichols, Adam Bates, Dave Tian, Kevin Butler
Formally Secure Networking: Securing ARP from the Bottom Up
  • Jing (Dave) Tian, Kevin Bulter, Patrick McDaniel, and Padma Krishnaswamy
Saving Sate in Privacy Preserving Computation
  • Benjamin Mood and Kevin Butler with Debayan Gupta and Joan Feigenbaum
Analyzing the Deployment of Secure Routing Protocols at Internet Scale
  • Braden Hollembaek, Kevin Butler

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