Chapter 7. Tools

Table of Contents - Instrumenting source files.
vtf2profile - Generate a TAU profile set from a vampir trace file
tau2vtf - convert TAU tracefiles to vampir tracefiles
trace2profile - convert TAU tracefiles to TAU profile files
tau2elg - convert TAU tracefiles to Epilog tracefiles
tau2slog2 - convert TAU tracefiles to SLOG2 tracefiles
tau2otf - convert TAU tracefiles to OTF tracefiles for Vampir/VNG
tau2otf2 - convert TAU tracefiles to OTF2 tracefiles for Vampir/VNG
perf2tau - converts PerfLib profiles to TAU profile files
tau_merge - combine multiple node and or thread TAU tracefiles into a merged tracefile - combine multiple node and or thread TAU tracefiles into a merged tracefile
tau_convert - convert TAU tracefiles into various alternative trace formats
tau_reduce - generates selective instrumentation rules based on profile data
tau_ompcheck - Completes uncompleted do/for/parallel omp directives
tau_poe - Instruments a MPI application while it is being executed with poe.
tau_validate - Validates a TAU installation by performing various tests on each TAU stub Makefile
tauex - Allows you to choose a tau configuration at runtime
tau_exec - TAU execution wrapping script
tau_timecorrect - Corrects and reorders the records of tau trace files. - This tool generates a selective instrumentation file (called throttle.tau) from a program output that has "Disabling" messages. - This tool is design to interact with the TAU web portal ( There are commands for uploading or downloading packed profile files form the TAU portal.
perfdmf_configure - Configuration program for a PerfDMF database.
perfdmf_createapp - Command line tool to create a application in the perfdmf database.
perfdmf_createexp - Command line tool to create a experiment in the perfdmf database.
perfdmf_loadtrial - Command line tool to load a trial into the perfdmf database.
perfexplorer - Launches TAU's Performance Data Mining Analyzer.
perfexplorer_configure - Configures a perfdmf database for use with perfexplorer.
taucc - C compiler wrapper for TAU
tauupc - UPC wrapper for TAU
taucxx - C++ compiler wrapper for TAU
tauf90 - Fortran compiler wrapper for TAU
paraprof - Launches TAU's Java-based performance data viewer.
pprof - Quickly diplays profile data.
tau_instrumentor - automaticly instruments a source basied on information provided by pdt.
vtfconverter -
tau_setup - Launches GUI interface to configure TAU.
tau_wrap - Instruments an external library with TAU without needing to recompile
tau_gen_wrapper - Generates a wrapper library that can intercept at link time or at runtime routines specified in a header file
tau_pin - Instruments application at run time using Intel's PIN library
tau_java - Instruments java applications at runtime using JVMTI
tau_cupti_avail - Detects the available CUPTI counters on the a each GPU device.
tau_run - Instruments and executes binaries to generate performance data. (DyninstAPI based instrumentor)
tau_rewrite - Rewrites binaries using Maqao if Tau is configured using PDT 3.17+ at the routine level. If it doesn't find the Maqao package from PDT 3.17, it reverts to tau_run (DyninstAPI based instrumentor).