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31st International
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31st International Conference on Software Engineering, Vancouver, Canada, May 16-24, 2009.   Sign up for announcements!

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We are attempting to collect as much content from the conference as possible. Please contact me if (a) you have content to provide, or (b) you have suggestions for making this content more searchable/browsable on the ICSE09 web site.

Thanks to everyone who has made their content available to others post-conference.

Steve (General Chair, ICS09)

The Four Plenary Talks

Steve McConnel's slides and discussion. Carlo Ghezzi's slides and discussion Pamela Zave's slides and discussion The MIP paper/presentation slides and discussion

Technical Briefings

Anthony's Technical Briefing slides on Software Governance Gerald's Technical Briefing slides on Green SE Technical Briefing on Multicore SE: Walter's slides - Victor's slides

Other presentations made at the conference

Steve's special session on SE for the Planet -
Slides: part 1 - part 2
Software Requirements and Design: A Tribute to Michael Jackson
John Cameron
Daniel Jackson (1)
Daniel Jackson (2)
Michael Jackson
Cliff Jones
Axel van Lamsweerde
Bashar Nuseibeh
Pamela Zave (1)
Pamela Zave (2)

New Ideas and Emerging Results

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Research Demonstrations

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Research Papers

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IBM Jazz Event

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On Site Awards

SCORE: The "overall winner" award goes to: Nikola Tankovic, Sonja Milicic, Danijel Zovic (students at the University of Zagreb in Croatia), Gianluigi Ciambriello, Savino Ordine, and Zafar Bhatti Ahmad (students at Mńlardalen University in Sweden) worked on the project BTW: if you go, my advice to you. SCORE: The "best undergraduate team" award goes to: Kaan Yucer, Mahmud Resid Cizmeci, Ilkay Ozan Kaya, Elif Akan, Fatma Ekici, and Ali Karasu (students at Bogaziši University in Turkey) who worked on the project Distributed Decision in a Mobile Context.

SCORE: The "Formal Methods Europe (FME)" award for the exploitation of formal methods in project development goes to: Valerio Panzica La Manna, Andrea Tommaso Bonanno, and Alfredo Motta (students at Politecnico di Milano in Italy) worked on the project A Simple Pacemaker Implementation. Annual soccer award: Team International, Wilhelm Schaefer coach

Images from the conference