University of Oregon University of Oregon

A Spectrum of Types

June 26-July 8, 2017


Prior to OPLSS, Paul Downen (University of Oregon) will conduct a review of type systems (Chapters 1-12, 23 and 24 from TAPL). This three-day session is separate from the OPLSS main program. The topics covered are:

Date Topics
June 23 Lambda Calculus (2 lectures)
Products and Sums
Operational semantics
June 24 Proof of Progress
Proof of Preservation
Recursive Types
June 25 Encodings

Main Program

The program consists of thirty-six 80-minute lectures presented by internationally recognized leaders in programming languages and formal reasoning research. Most days, there is also a 80 minute hands-on session for participants to work through examples given in lecture.

Speaker Affiliation Topic
Amal Ahmed Northeastern University Correct and Secure Compilation for Multi-Language Software
Edwin Brady University of St Andrews Dependent Types in the Idris Programming Language
Ronald Garcia University of British Colombia Gradual Typing
Robert Harper Carnegie Mellon University Programming Languages Background
Neel Krishnaswami University of Cambridge Dependent Types and Linearity
Dan Licata Wesleyan University Programming Languages Background
Frank Pfenning Carnegie Mellon University Substructural Type Systems and Concurrent Programming
Sam Tobin‑Hochstadt Indiana University Contracts and Gradual Types
David Van Horn University of Maryland Redex, Abstract Machines, and Abstract Interpretation