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2013 Graduate Research Poster Contest

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The main prizes were awarded by a jury of faculty judges. The people's choice award was decided by popular vote from the students in the department. Judging Criteria included research content and poster design. The winning groups are shown below.

Click the title to see a pdf of the poster.

First Place
Learning Markov Networds with Arithmetic Circuits
  • Daniel Lowd, Pedram Rooshenas
First Place
Towards and Accurate, Geo-Aware, PoP-Level Perspective of the Internet's Inter-AS-Connectivity
  • Reza Motamedi, Amir Farzad, Hannah Pruse, Reza Rejaie
Third Place
Achieve Perfect Eye Tracking Error Correction Using Linear Regression
  • Yunfend Zhang, Anthony J. Hornof
Third Place
Management and Application of Data Provenance in the Cloud
  • Adam Bates, Benjamin Mood, Masoud Valafar, Kevin Butler
Auditory Display of Spatial Data
  • Megen Brittel, Michal Young
Detecting Likely Maintained Invariants
  • Daniel Ellsworth, Michal Young
Convex Adversarial Collective Classification
  • Ali Torkamani, Daniel Lowd
Abusing Cloud-Based Browsers for Fun and Profit
  • Joe Pletcher, Ryan Snyder, Kevin Butler
Outsourcing Two-Party Privacy-Preserving Computation
  • Benjamin Mood, Kevin Butler
The Effectiveness of DNSSEC Under a Partial Deployment
  • Sruthi Ranganajhula, Thilina Buddhika, Zhao Zhao, Jun Li
Buddyguard+: An Adaptive IP Prefix Anomaly Monitor
  • Mingwei Zhang, Jun Li
FlashFlow: a GPU-based Fully Programmable OpenFlow Switch
  • Ghulan Memon, Matteo Varvello, Rafeal Läufer, T.V. Lakshman, Jun Li, Mingwei Zhang
Machine Learning for Automatic Performance Tuning
  • Nicholas Chaimov, Allen D. Malony
Inspector/Executor Load-Balancing Algorithms for Quantum Chemistry
  • David Ozog, Sameer Shende, Allen D. Malony

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