University of Oregon University of Oregon

Parallelism and Concurrency

OPLSS 2018 — July 9-21, 2018
Optional Review — July 3-8, 2018

Foundations of Programming Languages - July 3-7

Paul Downen (University of Oregon) and Jan Hoffmann (Carnegie Mellon University) will conduct an introductory session covering the foundations of programming languages (semantics, types, proof techniques, etc.). The introductory session will help attendees who have not taken a course on this material prepare for the rest of the school. Please contact the organizers if you have questions about whether the introduction session will be helpful given your background.

Main Program: Parallelism and Concurrency - July 9-21

The program consists of 80-minute lectures. Most days, there is also a 80 minute hands-on session for participants to work through exercises given in lecture.

Umut Acar — Carnegie Mellon University

Parallel Algorithms

Arvind — Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dataflow: A Retrospective

Atomicity in Modular Design

Stephanie Balzer — Carnegie Mellon University

Session-Typed Concurrent Programming

Andrej Bauer — University of Ljubljana

Algebraic Effects and Handlers

Guy Blelloch — Carnegie Mellon University

Parallel Cost Semantics and Bounded Implementations

William Duff — JaneStreet

Typing speed: how rich types enable performance engineering

Dan R. Ghica — University of Birmingham

Game Semantics

Robert Harper — Carnegie Mellon University

Computational Type Theory

Gabriele Keller — University of New South Wales

Purely Functional Array Programming and its Compilation to High-Performance Architectures

Keshav Pingali — University of Texas, Austin

Parallel Program = Operator + Schedule + Parallel Data Structures

Vijay Saraswat — Goldman Sachs

Resilient X10

Aaron Turon — Mozilla

Help wanted: research questions in Rust